Magazine Guide #22: Good Health

Publication: Good Health
How Often Does It Come Out: Monthly
Distribution: National

Contributors vs Staff Writers: Mostly freelancers, sometimes authoring more than one piece per issue.

Target Audience:
Age: 25-54.
Gender: Female.
Interests: Health, wellbeing, food, fitness, beauty and fashion.

Topics and Themes:
Sections include Mind + Body, Eat Smart, Good Look, Wellbeing and Regulars (letters, cooking, food news, beauty news, travel, ask our experts, stars etc). Here's a snapshot of article titles: "Love Your Body", "My Life Without Kids", "How to Tell If Your Teen Is Lying", "Modern-day Mystics" and "Acupressure: Is It For You?". Topics are predominantly creative, but mainstream, with some interest in alternative therapies.

Length of Features:
Typically 1,000-1,500 words.

Tone and Style of Writing:
Lists and/or sub-headings are used almost everywhere. One or two articles contain case studies, but most are how-to and provide recommendations, indicators, take-away wisdoms, solutions or similar. Breakout boxes also get a workout, while the language used is practical, firendly and matter-of-fact. Statistics, reports and experts are used, but the magazine is careful not to bombard the reader.

About How Many Features:
I counted 22.

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