Wedding Mood Board

Happy anniversary! Mr Big and I celebrated our first year of marriage by taking an overnight break in Sydney last weekend...

We explored Taronga Zoo, went shopping (he's pretty keen for a fella, which is much better than a grumble-bum searching for the boyfriend chair in every shop) and had a lovely Japanese dinner. He was even patient when I insisted on traipsing down to the ballet shop, bless him!

We're so in tune, we even gave each other similar anniversary gifts. I gave him a framed wedding photo and he printed all our photos and bound them in an album. It was very sweet and he put in a lot of effort, which I greatly appreciated. It's hard to believe we've been married a year -- time flies! I'm so happy I married him. : )

I thought I'd honour our anniversary in suitable bloggy fashion. Here's my initial blog post after our wedding last year. See how you go answering the quiz!

The picture above is the mood board I created in my frenzied wedding planning stage. The bridesmaids ended up being pink, not blue, but it's a decent representation of the colours and styles on our Big Day. Notice the Carrie-style blue shoes, although I went with silver glitter ballet flats in the end. The engagement ring and wedding dress images are pretty similar to mine. Oh, and I accessorised with my heart-shaped Tiffany earrings. : )

What fabulous finds would (or did) your wedding mood board contain?

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