Fabulous Fridays: 2 September 2011

A big hello to my new followers and welcome back to all the rest. For my regulars, take a moment to enter the Becks and the City giveaway. It closes TOMORROW, and I wouldn't want you to miss out. : )

If you've already entered, stick around and take a stroll through my edit of the best of the Web this week. Enjoy!

  • One of the giveaway prizes, Intimate Adventures of an Office Girl, jumped out at me at the bookstore (what can I say, anything with "Secret Diary" or "Intimate Adventures" in the title reels me in). Find out more...
  • The best new fashion-related zines in 2011. My pick: Girl Crush.
  • Generally, I hate horror films, but this is more a puzzle-solving thriller where a group gets picked off one by one. Check it out: Cube.
  • The Japanese sticker version of Alice in Wonderland. Kawaii!
  • Thanks to everyone who's voted for my PRIMPED beauty reviewer competition entry. I'm now up to 48 votes. : ) If you haven't yet clicked on the vote button for me, be a pal! Check out my Lady Gaga lipstick review and video entry while you're at it.

  • I have a secret hankering for murder mystery jigsaw puzzles. Don't know why, guess it fits in with being a Cluedo fan, which is a lonely business. Anyone else with me?
  • The late Brittany Murphy at her best, with my lookalike, Alicia Silverstone in one of my fave films.
  • Do you wanna intern at the quirky-licious Frankie magazine? Get cracking.
  • As you may know, I totally heart Heart and they're about to tour Australia for the first time ever!!! To celebrate,  here's Ann and Nancy Wilson's version of You're the Voice. Amazing.
  • Got any odd phobias? Me? Coulrophobia.

Good luck in the competition, everyone! Catch you tomorrow to announce the winner. : )


  1. Thanks High Heeled. Hope you had a stunning weekend. : )

    Mr Big and I are finally (mostly) over our colds.


  2. woooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!! Nice video highlighting all the unique features of this Fabulous Fridays...workwear



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