Fabulous Fridays: 25 November 2011

 Fresh (or rather, worn out) from a mega-exciting dance class, I'm bringing you the skinny on what's amusing me this week...

  • Luckily I avoided the Dorito tan fate when I went in for my first ever spray tan on Monday. It's actually lovely and natural-looking, unlike these...
  • And Doritos, like all foods, always go well with an ice cold Coke. Refreshing feeling... ice cold Coke. Refreshing, Ice. Ice. Refreshing. Ice cold... Ice. : )
  • I'm dubious about their leg-warming properties, but these rose and lace beauties are super-adorable.
  • Dear Facebook, why do you keep filling my sidebar with dieting ads? Whatcha tryin' ta say? Here's my side of the story. Sincerely, Becks xx
  • The land of Aus is set to get its own ELLE magazine (well, again... our previous version folded 10 years ago). Hopefully it takes after the UK title rather than the US one. Yes?
  • Sometimes I get real, actual shivers hearing an incredible ballad, like when I heard Charlie Puth and Emily Luther's cover of Adele's "Someone Like You".
  • Pole dancing celebrities don't get any bigger than Jenyne Butterfly and I got taught by her tonight at my regular studio!! Here she is on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
  • Watching old episodes of The O.C. reacquainted me with the cruisy sound of Crowded House song "Fall at Your Feet" (one of Mr Big's favourites).
  • I'm thinking I take my ninjabread cutters out for a test drive with this simple gingerbread recipe. Mmmm... Christmas-y goodness. : )
  • Apart from Fanta, I've never really bonded with orange, but it's definitely having a moment in the beauty world. Surprisingly flattering in lipstick and nail polish.
  • In Year 10, I worshipped "Set You Free". Best. Song. Ever. And it definitely made me cool, right?

Later, lovelies! xx

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