Fabulous Fridays: 6 January 2012

How's 2012 been treating you so far? Easing your way in or bursting into the new year, we could all do with a dose of the delightful...

  • We miss you, Patrick, but we'll always have Dirty Dancing to remember you by.
  • It isn't even a fair contest -- Cake or Death? Get your bloggy sugar fix here.
  • Who needs a meat schnitty when you could enjoy eggplant parmigiana instead?
  • I'm thinking the Girls! Girls! Girls! CD would be a good investment in my future of raunchy dancing. Plus, it has a cute cover, so it's bound to sound good, right?
  • The story of the 30-something woman who decided to advertise for a sugar daddy: Sugarbabe. One of my absolute faves for its insights on men. Read it!
  • Would you let your car be plastered in advertising for money? I'm considering it, but can't decide if it's selling out or money-making genius. PS, if it were an ad for troll dolls, I'd say yes in a heartbeat!
  • A biochemist by day and Las Vegas pole dancer by night. Can you think of a better superhero?
  • Back in the '80s, I used to traipse around a pixellated wonderland as Sir Graham for hours playing King's Quest (nerrrrrd!). Best. Fridge magnet. EVER!!!
  • We're cooking this low-fat Vietnamese chicken salad for dinner at tonight's girls night at my house. Can't wait. : )

What's new @ Becks and the City

  • Facebook: New favourite Vogue covers in my gallery, including Kate Moss.
  • Facebook: CLEO magazine quoted me on lipstick in the January issue, but screwed up my age!
  • Etsy: Find precious vintage and handmade pieces Carrie would be sure to appreciate in my Sex and the City: Carrie's Closet treasury.
  • Facebook: New gallery of fashion drawings by Megan Hess, illustrator for several Candace Bushnell books, including Sex and the City.
  • Facebook: More girly indie publications you'll adore in the ZINES gallery, including a Sex and the City comic and the first issue of Cosmopolitician!

That's it 'til next week. Cheerio!

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