Hello 2012!

2011 is, like, sooooooooo last year.

And not everything last year went to plan.

I had two writing goals for 2011, to create a kick-ass magazine writing portfolio (tick!) and to get my non-fiction book published (FAIL). To help myself along, I issued challenges to myself with highly desirable rewards for inspiration. When I was satisfied with my portfolio, I treated myself to a beautiful cardigan in the Alannah Hill Challenge. My quest to own a pair of sweet little mouse flats in the Marc Jacobs Challenge didn't fare so well.

Let's take a look at the flip side -- my personal goals for 2011. I had nine, I accomplished... two (improving my writing portfolio and going on a girls' trip), and the second one was only because my friend's husband organised it, not me. Yikes, that's not a great strike rate! In the words of Carrie, "If I was a ball player, I'd be batting... whatever really bad is".

Rather than feel guilty (such a wasted emotion), this year I'm going to alter my approach. So, hang onto your fedoras, ladies, here's the plan as we delve into 2012... : )

Firstly, I'm resuscitating the Marc Jacobs Challenge, which since the beginning of 2011, has only had two updates (naughty, naughty!). And, I'm introducing...

The Wheels & Dollbaby Challenge

Picture Alannah Hill clothing with a stronger '50s edge, worn by the likes of Dita Von Teese, Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry and with rockstar prices to match. Check out the gloriously girly eboutique here.

So, if I win this challenge, I'm giving myself dangerously free reign in the W&D store. To earn it? This should hopefully be easy -- finish and launch my zine, Magazine Love. For my first blog post on this new challenge, I'll outline my game plan. : )

Personal Goals

As for my personal goals, I've decided to take a fresh approach. Even though my current bucket list is rather small, it still has enough items to overwhelm me. The multi-tasker in me wants to begin all of them at once and then gets frustrated, so I'm keeping things simple and... where I can see them.

In 2012, I'm introducing a mini bucket list on the Becks and the City sidebar to show you my latest personal goals -- hobbies I'd like to take up, experiences I'd like to try, my travel wishlist, etc. You can even send me suggestions. Big and small aspirations will be included and feel free to share with me whether you've tried any of them or your tips for succeeding! I plan for it to be an ever-changing kaleidoscope of experiences and you'll hear about when I succeed in ticking off an item. Boy, will you hear about it! ; )

So that's the plan. What do you think? And what do you think of my current mini bucket list?


  1. Happy New Year my friend!

    Ok .. Fail is a negative word... You did not fail at getting your non-fiction book published ... that goal is in PROGRESS...

    Love your mini-bucket list .. especially firing a run! I would so love to that...at a range of course.

    Your zine Magazine Love is going to be great!! 2012 is going to be your year.... xo HHL

  2. Happy 2012 and I can't wait to read your zine!!

  3. Thanks High Heeled and Sascha!

    You're right, HHL, "fail" wasn't really the right word. I'm still intending to send out the book proposal, so I haven't given up.

    I've wanted to fire a gun at a range for ages, just to experience it. And if there's ever a zombocalypse, I'd be prepared. ; )

    I'm hoping to tick "Visit a psychic" off my mini bucket list this Sunday -- I found a little psychic expo happening in a nearby suburb and entry is only $5. It's like they knew I was coming. Spooky! ; )

    Let's all achieve spectacular things in 2012!




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