Wheels + Dollbaby Challenge: Update #1

My new challenge for 2012 is to finish the zine I'm creating, Magazine Love. Here's the lowdown...

In early January, I posted "Hello 2012!" on this blog, in which I outlined my goals for the year, including the Wheels + Dollbaby Challenge. The Challenge is aimed at spurring me on to finish and launch Magazine Love, which I started late last year. Once this happens, I've promised myself free reign of the delectable Wheels & Dollbaby online store.

At this stage, I've finished 16 out of 25 double pages of the zine, so I'm getting towards the pointy end. Of course, I could just purge the last 9 pages and call it a day, but I really want to create a quality zine, something I would enjoy reading (and hopefully you will too!). I'm not quite satisfied with it yet. Today I got through the pages in the Zines section, so I'm gradually getting there!

So, here's the remaining pages I need to complete to meet the challenge:
  • Sporty and Zen
  • Fashion and Alternative
  • Letters
  • Reuse, Recycle
  • Giftwrapping
  • Gift Tags
  • Gift Baskets

I'll update you as I cross them off. Not long now!

Any advice to help motivate me? I'm all ears. : )

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