Food Words for Writers

We all love food and our language has many words to describe it. Here's some suggestions if you ever get stuck writing about your favourite dish.

Pie, casserole, salad, garnish, creme brulee, vegetables, roast, sauce, stew, chutney, soup, entree, main dessert, stirred, sprinkled, scored, julienned, delicious, tasty, hearty, healthy, wholesome, low-calorie, restaurant, cafe, pizzeria, pudding, seasoning, herbs, spices, fresh, garden, cuisine, sticky, gooey, oozing, crunch, crackle, melt, sweet, savoury, gelatinous, smooth, creamy, salty, blend, watery, solid, spongy, liquid, smoky, lick, bitter, sour, flavour, pate, coulis, indulgence, whipped, terrine, fruit, degustation, menu, layered, texture, presentation, toasted, batter, fried, steamed, pancake, topping, pleasant, aroma, smell, fragrant, flambe, eat, drink, accompaniment, side dish, cake, gelati, bread, tart, wood oven, pickle, pasta, icecream, starter, table, service, amuse-bouche, adornment, toffee, dip, noodles, dish, chef, waiter, sorbet, peppery, sauce, custard, glaze, feast, mayonnaise, gourmet, servings, portion, a la carte, buffet, smorgasbord, dinner party, yum cha, picnic, hot pot, steamboat, bento, pastry, tapas, afternoon tea, brunch, snack, meal, plate, marinate, infusion, knead, breakfast, lunch, dinner, course, boiled, braised, coated, homestyle, sushi, jam, juice, blender, kitchen, salsa, spread, condiment, mustard, cheese, garnish, fusion, culinary, gourmand, fine dining, al fresco, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, low-GI, iron, clacium, claories, trans fats, dairy, kosher, halal, processed, canned, frozen, refrigerated, preserved, succulent, tender, sumptuous, souffle, tantalising, hot, warm, cold, tossed, combine, ingredients, method.

Bon appetit!


  1. Quite handy this !! widens the vocab.
    Shame I'm not much of a cook though!

  2. Oh, me neither, but I make up for it with my eating talents! ; )



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