Our Malaysian Holiday

Gong xi fa cai (happy Chinese new year)! For those of you keen to hear how our recent 10-day trip to Malaysia went for our friends' wedding, here's a quick quiz...

1  The bazillions of shopping bargains we snagged include:
a)  a wicked-cool gift for Mr Big's brother
b)  four pairs of comfy-but-chic flat shoes
c)  a LEGO book and several sets of Nanoblocks, LEGO's tiny cousins
d)  all of the above
correct answer: d

2  During the trip, we ate:
a)  dragonfruit
b)  snails
c)  century egg
d)  all of the above
correct answer: d

3  Almost every T-shirt on the island of Langkawi featured:
a)  Angry Birds
b)  Charlie Sheen
c)  Spiderman
correct answer: a

4  On Langkawi, we tried:
a)  milking buffalos
b)  parasailing
c)  a fish foot spa (where small fish nibble on dead skin to exfoliate your feet!)
d)  all of the above
correct answer: c (we wanted to try the other two activities, though!)

5  I ordered a great, hulking mess of a McDonald's burger in Penang called the:
a)  Double Prosperity Burger
b)  Chinese New Year Burger
c)  McYucky Burger
correct answer: a (check out the TV ad here), but suspect its real name was c

So much fun! Anyone else been to Malaysia? How did you find it?

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