Home Living Words for Writers

Searching for ways to describe a pristine and pretty home that could have been interior decorated by Martha Stewart herself? Home in on these handy words...

Style, comfort, lifestyle, decor, outdoor room, homewares, paint, feature wall, lamps, lighting, shelving, space, storage, ottoman, covering, textiles, pond, furniture, antiques, entertainment, rumpus, kitchen, open plan, living room, breakfast bar, leather, suede, plush, apartment, balcony, decorating, gardening, renovating, quest room, inspiration, trade, roof, giftware, patio, verandah, wallhanging, work bench, eco-living, recipes, barbeque, pool, courtyard, indoor, cottage, beach, bungalow, setting, party, soiree, design, modular sofa, declutter, makeover, quilt, manchester, thread count, sheet set, inner-city, country, townhouse, homette, coffeetable, backyard artwork, revamp, reuse, recycle, jazz up, window, blinds, curtains, terrace, project, weekend, hardware, tiling, minimalist, nautical, kids, ideas, luxury, contemporary, real estate, architecture, trend, classic, home-maker, building, bathroom, wallpaper, stairs, vase, applicances, glassware, entertaining, enamel, finish, wooden, stainless steel, mirror, cushions, throw rug, walk-in robe, built-in robe, chandelier, bookcase, compact, spacious, airy, centrepiece, table runner, napkin, placemat, votive, flower arrangement, tablecloth, armoire, beanbag, chaise longue, banana lounge, countertop, sauna, spa, sliding doors, bay window, alcove, portrait, landscape, nook, origami, cross-stitch, mosaic, sculpture, statue, fountain, ikebana, abode, home, residence, dwelling, location, vast, lofty, objects, complementary, clash, prints, mish-mash, styles, mood, evokes, retro, vibrant, neutral, drab, pastel, hue, template, plan, organise, upcycle, broken, cracked, colour, ditial, gallery, topiary, atrium, creative, rustic, matching, perfect, library, linen, pantry, sleek, hinterland, cluster, ideal, eco-friendly, ivy, ornate, rambling, balance, symmetry, calm, solid, dominate, retreat, dine, enhance, crips, focal point, upholstery, deeper, lighter, fresh, simple, practical, accentuate, harmonious, sheer, drape, pattern, block, mask, shiny, detail, frame, muted, scatter, stackable, rack, spot, place, square, circular, rounded, dispenser, timber, flawless, popular, height, best, contets, view, system, overhaul, hidden, glance, baskets, goods, products, elegant, soft, clean, sophisticated, solar, carbon footprint, salvaged, collection, cover, hanging, fireplace, hallway, rolling, sliding, usable, hook, rail, install, cabinetry, proer, mechanism, fands-free, overhead, discreet, tucked, corner, awkward, inexpensive, cost-friendly, utensil, sink, dividers, inserts, tone, expandable, secure, size, freestanding, vertical, horizontal, basin, benchtop, plastic.

One day I hope to be using these words writing for Martha Stewart Living. In the meantime, I'll flick through the pages and pretend I could create a home enchanted with her style! ; )


  1. LOVE!! All these words!! and I know one day you will have the opportunity to be working somewhere will you will be using each and every one of them! ...xo HHL

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  3. Thanks High Heeled!

    I'm thinking I may want to venture forth from writing for bridal and health magazines to branch into home and interior design mags. I'm a bit of a sucker for the pretty pictures of dream houses.

    Did you see that the real life apartment used for Carrie Bradshaw's house in "Sex and the City" is up for sale right now? That'll always be the dream!!

    Have a great week. : )




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