Fabulous Fridays: 16 March 2012

It's Deadline Day and I'm slaving over a hot laptop, but after that I'll be able to lap up some lovely free time. Here's a few things that got me excited this week...

  • If being a gypsy means pretty pink foofiness, the sign me up, please.
  • A cheeky, cheeky Japanese gameshow. Can't decide whether this demeans men or women more, but everyone seems happy, so it probably doesn't matter. : )
  • A fan of vintage clothes and colourful retro caravans? Check out Trish Hunter Finds.
  • What's The Hunger Games all about? I'm intrigued and a little bit jealous... I wish I'd written it!
  • I saw a fabulous and very vampiric burlesque performance to a great Gaga song last Saturday night.
  • A quick interview with my ultimate girl crush, Emma Stone, at her Teen Vogue photo shoot.
  • If you had a ukulele as a kid like me, it's time to upgrade to the big girl version. Do want!!!
  • A sweet little blog for eco-chicks everywhere. : )
  • Mr Big and I have been gardening of late, which can be a pretty daggy pastime, but imagine if we could grow Hello Kitty zucchinis with this...
  • Love the look of the suave ladies here.
  • I watched Notting Hill recently, so now I'm dreaming of living in this heavenly maisonette.

Have a dazzling weekend! : )


  1. I plan on start reading "The Hunger Games" this weekend - so hopefully I´ll know what this hype is all about by monday :oD

    I love your blog, just lazy when it comes to commenting ;( gonna work on that!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  2. Love Eco-chick! Have a good weekend!

  3. Glad I provided some good links and topics this week. : )

    How did you go with The Hunger Games, Anni? I'm intrigued to read it as well. The ads for the movie look so good. I like sci-fi/fantasy when it's about the human side of things, not gadgets.

    How's the blog going, Sascha? : )





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