"Diabetic Living" Query

Hooray! My article, "10 Health-smart Ways to Save," has been published in the May/June issue of Diabetic Living magazine (out now). I originally emailed the idea to the magazine on 12 February and the editor responded four days later, saying she was interested, but would like it to be 600 words instead of 1,500.

The finished piece is on pages 46-47 of the issue. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Here's what I wrote in my query email to make it all happen...

I'm a freelance writer, mediator for Consumer Affairs and qualified lawyer who's been published by magazines such as Women's Health & Fitness and Cosmo Bride. Samples of my work are available on my blog.


Working for Consumer Affairs, I've become somewhat of a bargain shopping guru, helping customers receive better deals on, amongst other things, shoes, supermarket groceries, exercise equipment and gym memberships. I'd like to share the tips I've gathered in an article for Diabetic Living, "10 Ways to Stay Fit and Save Money". Readers would learn how to save money on food, fitness and healthcare, without compromising on quality, including:
* Attending student clinics for discounted podiatry and physiotherapy treatments and more from supervised university students (at significantly reduced fees)
* Borrowing pilates, yoga and aerobics DVDs from the library (free!)
* Visiting the gym or taking healthy cooking and fitness classes at your local community centre (generally around $6 for a casual gym visit and under $5 for classes)
* Snapping up deals on massages, gym memberships and relaxing retreats from group buying sites like Scoopon and Cudo (usually saving at least 50%)

The article would include specific examples of where readers can find these bargains and who to contact for more information. Coming to 1,500 words, it would be delivered within three weeks of hearing you're interested.

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Douglas


  1. AWESOME!! So happy for you!

  2. Thanks Sascha and Optimistic Mum! This was a thrilling magazine to crack, as I'd tried emailing them a few times before with no luck. Persistence wins in the end. : )

    I was so crazy-excited at the newsagency, I showed the sales lady my picture on the contributor page. Couldn't help myself!

    Have a lovely week.




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