Fabulous Fridays: 20 April 2012

You may have noticed there was no Fabulous Fridays post last week. Friday the 13th lived up to its reputation and was truly nightmarish in our household. One of our beloved cats, Jemma, has gone missing. We are still searching for her and are terribly, terribly upset.

I've decided to resume Fabulous Fridays today because during unhappy occasions like this, we all could do with cheering up. So, whether you've had a wonderful week or a shocker like mine, please enjoy...

Wishing you a happy Friday. xx


  1. Sorry to hear about you cat Jemma, hope she turns up !

    and WOW! maple bacon ice-cream, I do wonder if it tastes any good. Would have to be in the right mind of frame to try it though.

  2. A couple of people ring have rung who've thought they've seen Jemma, so at least people are looking out for her. Hopefully she'll be found soon. We've even called in the pet detectives to solve the case!

    I know what you mean about the bacon icecream, but I reckon it could be an unexpected winner.

    Have a great week.




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