Sports Words for Writers

Writing on sports? Hit a home run with these words and phrases.

Team, coach, selection panel, field, court, stadium, net, goal, behind, umpire, captain, hockey, football, uniform, bench, winner, runner-up, tennis, doubles, singles, grandslam, championship, tournament, circuit, match, game, racquet, strings, tension, media conference, soccer, volleyball, spike, set, dig, knee pads, bat, box, pitch, base, runner, baseball, globe, mitt, catcher, dug out, fielder, baton, relya, medley, swimming, podium, training, drug testing, physiotherapist, cheating, match-fixing, victory, glory, MVP (most valuable player), goggles, driver, Formula One, grand prix, track, arena, velodrome, lose, defeated, draw, lead, interchange, defiant, charge, dominant, fightback, thriller, hoodoo, round robin, sudden-death, knockout, tipping, nil, deuce, advantage, love, line-up, league, fixture, score, ahead, tie, drawer, highlights, wicket, charge, points, masters, retire, injury, triumphs, battle, dash, scrappy, rebound, recuperate, bye, test, bowler, play, rain delay, luck, skill, crucial, vital, opener, dismissal, innings, sitter, spinner, average, statistics, rules, contest, racing, protest, penalty, speed, crowd, grandstand, torpedo, handball, kick, behind, season, finals, tackle, rugby, scrum, try, smother, spoil, debut, rookie, contender, star, legend, medal, awards ceremony, squad, competitive, sportsmanship, spirit, result, dunk, forward, offense, defense, challenge, dynamic, centre, world cup, crush, annihilate, derby, replay, half-time, cheerleaders, possession, form, heaveyweight, Olympic Games, sponsorship, basketball, cycling, netball, paralympics, home game, away game, premiership, reigning, talent, referee, judge, perfect, flawless, gymnastics, rhythmic, floor, beam, uneven bars, vault, cartwheel, pike, somersault, handstand, diving, platform, pool, officiating, squash, badminton, shuttlecock, supporters, members.

Be an MVP and a team player by suggesting any words I've missed. : )

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