The Lowdown and an Update

So, y'all might have noticed I haven't been posting much of late (apart from Fabulous Friday/Saturday/whichever day I get around to it)...

Well, I've been struggling with the eternal dilemma of "creative types" (except only *ssholes call themselves that)... how to balance a nicely-paying (ie dull-as) day job and fun (ie poorly-paid) creative work.

Since April, I've been back working full-time at my day job as a mediator at Consumer Affairs. The money's nice. But while I enjoy slithering naked in my silky bed of cash each night, I feel like my brain's been hijacked. What it'd like to be doing is planning blog posts, crafting pitches to magazines and plotting story ideas. Instead, it's filled with disputes about shoddy building work and dodgy deals.

I've still be pitching magazines, blogging (albeit on a scaled-back schedule) and writing as much as I can, but I feel about two weeks behind where I'd like to be at all times. It's frustrating as hell.

Of course, there are other activities occupying my time as well. Weve had heating and cooling put in our house and are renovating our bathroom. We're also still searching for our cat, Jemma, missing since April. We're hoping some nice old nanna has taken her in and is busy scratching her behind the ears, blissfully unaware that she has owners who'd like her home. Very, very much.

Still, all you can do is try.

Are you stuck in a dilemma or are you a frustration-free zone? (If you're the latter, I'd love your tips on how to get there!)


  1. Is your cat microchipped? It should be easier to find her that way!

  2. Hi Sascha,

    Jemma is microchipped and we've made sure our records are up-to-date in case someone hands her in to a vet or animal shelter.

    We've posted to Facebook sites, put up posters, letterboxed, and I've been calling vets, councils and shelters 1-2 times each week.

    Hopefully we'll have some luck soon.


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