Three Pretty Portfolios of Magazine Writers

It's the sincerest form of flattery, right? I figured when I began writing for magazines that the portfolios of established writers offer fantastic guidance in what and where to pitch first, as well as options for your future career path.

Here's three portfolios that have inspired me from the start...

Rachel Hills' portfolio

I met Rachel online when I started this blog and interviewed her about her career. I admire not only Rachel's giving nature, but also her ability to incorporate both substance and style in her work. Her writing proves women's mags are about more than blow job quizzes and tampon ads and that you can have a strongly political standpoint and still succeed in mainstream magazines.

She's written for:
  • Magazines: CLEO, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Yen
  • Newspapers: The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age
  • Web sites: Jezebel, ABC Unleashed and

 Sarah Ayoub's portfolio

I think of Sarah pretty much as the next Martha Stewart/Ita Buttrose/Maggie Alderson. She runs women's lifestyle website, Chasing Aphrodite, is a PhD student on gang culture, comments in the media on various issues, and finds time to freelance in between. Along the way, I interviewed her here at Becks and the City. Oh, and she's super-helpful as well!

She's written for:
  • Magazines: CLEO, Frankie, Girlfriend and Shop Til You Drop
  • Web sites: ABC Unleashed and The Punch

Laura Greaves' portfolio

Laura's the editor of Dogs Life magazine, which means she's had the thankless task of editing an article or two of mine in recent issues! I first contacted her for an interview on my blog and she couldn't have been more gracious in the process. Laura's background is in health magazines and her portfolio's inspired me in writing for Women's Health & Fitness magazine.

She's written for:
  • Magazines: Good Health, Weight Watchers, Marie Claire, Grazia, Woman's Day and Madison

Have you career-stalked any of your idols online?


  1. Love this post! My career stalkee is Mia Freedman. I was a teenager and read that she had been made editor of Cosmo at 24 and have stalked her ever since lol.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Great stalkee pick! I remember Mia being editor of "Cosmo" when I was a devoted reader. She's so talented and I'm a huge fan of her venture in recent years, the Mamamia website (I was just published recently there, actually!).

    Have you read her books as well? They offer amazing insights into what working at a magazine is really like.

    Great blog as well -- love the Instagram and Polyvore widgets. : )




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