Fabulous Fridays: 30 November 2012

Hey beautiful, happy people! I'm counting down to Christmas and New Year's and all the festivities and unwinding with a few treasures I've found of late...

Latest loves...

Listening: Because I have the musical taste of a gay man, the soundtrack of A Chorus Line, especially emotionally-charged "At the Ballet" and naughty-but-nice "Dance: Ten; Looks: Three".
Tasting: Salmon and spinach crepes, Irish cream iced coffees and Mexican feasts with Mr Big (we're addicted right now!).
Loving: Sharing a personal trainer with a few gal pals Tuesday nights, finally finishing our bathroom renovation, Christmas shopping on Amazon and winning The Modern Woman's Survival Guide dream career competition!
Awaiting: Converting from full-time to part-time in my 9-5 in four weeks and having more time to write, our traditional Chrissie eve offensive movie night, staying at a fancy hotel on the best New Year's Eve yet, and playing with the new MacBook Pro Mr Big is giving me for Christmas!

xx Becks

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