Gardening Words for Writers

Here's some gardening terms to bring more light and shadecloth to your writing.

Landscaping, summer, pruning, harvest, plentiful, pots, shade, sun, seeds, season, spring, flowers, scents, plant, bloom, crop, herbs, medicinal, blossom, soil, dirt, orchard, grow, yield, produce, organic, chemicals, weeds, hybrid, nursery, vegetables, fruit, perfumed, dig, climber, fence, pond, paddock, hardy, tropics, fragrance, petals, stem, drainage, walkway, drought-tolerant, ground cover, container, clumps, foliage, wall, cobblestones, avenue, trees, shrubs, bushes, gateposts, lush, native, wild, dwelling, scaffolding, dry, wet, plot, exotic, sculpture, water feature, fern, orchid, perennial, gnome, climate, clipped, artificial, hedge, path, annual, display, stones, pebbles, rocks, lawn, grass, courtyard, backyard, wildlife, tub, basket, trough, edging, border, dormant, bud, germination, shelter, island, sow, bed, depth, diameter, conditions, mulch, compost, fertilise, enrich, pests, diseases, surface, water, temperature, stakes, protection, seedlings, transplanting, position, birds, pets, leaves, sprinkling, ornamentals, habitat, resistance, grafting, roots, humidity, abundance, larvae, infestations, patch, hose, evergreen, moist, fungicide, deadheading, autumn, winter, colour, bulb, deciduous, varieties, propagation, shoots, space, design, worms, hanging, caterpillars, spray, slow-release, manure, arid, temperate, secateurs, shovel, spade, sprout, salad, region, shadecloth, gourds, melons, greens, trench, heat, pickling, preserves, berries, spears, clustered, mosses, talks, absorb, concrete, nutrients, botanic, bushland, productive, privacy, vista, tools, woodland, aphids, balms, gourmet, bonsai, aerator, robust, dehydrator, hydroponic, permaculture, horticulture, topiary, lilies, breeds, neighbourhood, site, sustainable, environment, edible, crafted, wasp, bee, parasite, lizard, spider, outdoor, iron, wooden, fixture, succulents, cactus, barn, shed, clothesline, potion, garage, pergola, patio, verandah, cottage, geraniums, roses, citrus, straw, canopy, irrigation, sprinkler, variegated, creek, tank, height, daytime,   gravel, layer, trellis, roof, eaves, stormwater, storage, bucket, tuber, hammock, terracotta, branch, frond, wisteria, mildew, soggy, pollinate, wilting, stream, thatch, ripen, sundial, wheelbarrow, algae, mural, creeper, wattle, recycled, acreage, sand, coastal, gumboots.

Am I missing any? Let me know in the comments.

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