Hello 2013!

January's almost over, but I've got big plans for 2013...

Overall writing goals:
  • Write more magazine articles.
  • Finish my zine.
  • Pitch my non-fiction book to agents and publishers, hopefully resulting in a book deal. : )

On the magazine front, I'd like to improve my portfolio by writing for more big-name women's fashion and lifestyle titles, including some international publications. My ultimate goal is a commission from Vogue.

I'll continue writing generally on lifestyle, health, weddings etc, but also develop a niche in fashion writing/shopping (especially online -- eBay, Etsy, buying and selling etc)/social media/winning competitions/consumer issues.

With the above in mind, I'll be pitching to:

Online, I'd like to write posts for:
We'll see how all this pans out! What are your goals (writerly or otherwise) for this year?


  1. Happy New Year Beck! May all your plans for 2013 come to life and the ones that may not - May they lead you in an even more grande path than you could have imagined.

    2013 I'm hoping to finish my book - about life when it sends you on an unexpected detour... Blessings, C. (HHL)

  2. Hey High Heeled!

    Happy New Year to you too. : )

    Hope your book writing goes well in 2013. You have a unique and intriguing story to tell, so keep going, as I'm sure many people will be able to draw inspiration from it. : )

    I'm hoping to find an agent and publisher for my manuscript on winning competitions. I think I'm ready, now it's about taking the leap!




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