Fabulous Fridays: 12 April 2013

A miniscule one week to go until our trip to London/ Paris/ Brussels/ Singapore! Here's some home-based frantic and fabulous in the meantime...


Fabulous Fridays: 5 April 2013

Mr Big and I are now deep into the countdown to our Europe trip (less than a fortnight!), so I've been distracting myself with...

Wishing you a rip-roaring good time! xx

"Girlfriend" Query

I bought every issue of Girlfriend magazine (as well as Dolly) for several of my teenage years. And now I'm published in it! My article, '#Winning', is on page 44 of the April issue. Here's the email I sent to editor, Sarah Tarca, to make it happen (PS who are those long-haired louts on the cover?)...

Dear Ms Tarca (aka editor dude!),

I'm a freelance writer who's written for magazines including Women's Health & Fitness and Cosmo Bride. Samples of my work are available on my blog, Becks and the City.

Girlfriend is famous for (among other a-MAZ-ing things) giveaways like the Rimmel Model Search and Girlfriend of the Year. I'd like to write an article, "#Winning", helping readers win competitions like these and have one of those "ERMAHGERD, I've won!" moments.

As a competition addict, I've won everything from a trip to Japan to a year's supply of toilet paper, magazine subscriptions and $1,000 Westfield shopping spree. The article would include tips on how to find Twitter, Facebook, blog and website comps, opportunities to score freebies and mystery shopping gigs and how to compose those tricky "25 words or less" entries.

Coming to 800 words, the article would be delivered within two weeks of hearing you are interested.

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Douglas

Fabulous Fridays: 29 March 2013

Happy chocolate bunny weekend! Have an ogle of these while you recover from your sugar coma...

Wishing you bountiful chocolate supplies and a gay old time. xx

Fabulous Fridays: 22 March 2013

I'm feeling the girly, retro vibe on this Fabulous Friday. Let's kick-off the cute and quirky of the week...

Happy Friday, folks!


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