Beauty Inspiration: Carrie's Kitchen

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw painted her kitchen "eggshell"?

Normally I don't take beauty inspiration from decor, but I spotted a similar delicate yellow shade in American Apparel yesterday. It's called "Butter". Perfect for summer, it's both refreshing and demure.

Can't wait to call it yours? Shop here. And for more on my nail polish fixation, feast your eyes on my candy-coloured wallpapers.


  1. I loved that episode !!! It inspired me to put my kitchen cupboards at our house in the city. That is a sweet nail colour for summer! xo HHL

  2. Hi!
    I come to you from Zabrinah's fabulous site! You have a really great blog here and I am following along! Please join me at my history blog - I'd love to have you following along too!

  3. Loving that yellow hue, If only it was summer in NYC

  4. Thanks High Heeled. I am loving the colour more and more. Subtle, but not boring. : )

    Hey Ann and Brooklynfluff -- I am now following you guys back. D'oh, forgot about the whole "our summer is your winter" thing. It's pretty hot here in Adelaide, Australia right now!



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