Westfield Insider: I Wanna Be a Fashion Blogger!

Getting paid $100,000 to shop and blog for a year? Where do I sign up?

Westfield shopping centres recently ran this dream job contest and I entered in a New York Minute. With such a covetable, glamorous prize, it was obviously going to be a hard-fought competition. Eager entrants posted their favourite shopping tips on the Facebook page, an advertisement was posted on job-seeking web sites and fashionistas flocked to Westfields around the country to audition/interview for the role.

Here's the lowdown from the web site...

The Westfield Insider will...

  • Share shopping information on the Westfield Insider blog, Facebook page and through email, video and other channels.
  • Create engaging online content to help others get more from their shopping.
  • Research new products and trends both in centre and online.
  • Be a presenter and contributor for online video content.
  • Encourage online participation and respond to requests from shoppers through social media channels such as Facebook.
  • Travel interstate for key events, and report their experiences online.
  • Act as a shopping spokesperson for publicity purposes.

Personal Skills & Attributes:

The winning applicant will:
  • Have a genuine love of shopping - particularly in finding great value.
  • Be technology savvy and preferably active in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or their own blog.
  • Possess excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Have strong and engaging written skills.
  • Demonstrate a flair for style and the ability to advise others.
  • Be motivated, self-confident, positive and professional.
  • Possess a genuine passion for sharing their shopping knowledge with others.
  • Have full Australian work rights.

And here's my entry, clueing you in on my three best fashion recommendations this season...

Bonds trackies are the must-have buy this season. While your finger is hovering over speed dial for the Fashion Police, hear me out. Comfy? Obviously. Stylish? Yes! Snap up a slimline cuffed pair from Harris Scarfe for $49.95, push up to mid-calf and team with heels and a structured jacket. Then strut confidently as a crowd parts around you, marvelling at your sartorial genius. Ease into the trend in black, grey marle or denim versions, or permanently blind suckers in the street with fluoro pink. And yes, I am trapped in an 80s time warp and I’ll thank you to smile and nod indulgently. ; )

You may have guessed, but no one could accuse me of being a fashion wallflower. I like my colours bright, my heels skyscraper and my jewellery uber-pimped. I’m a sucker for an obnoxiously large cocktail ring, me -- the bigger the better, IMHO. However, if you prefer something a little more demure, fancy a purr-worthy bow-shaped ring from Diva for $4.99? Guaranteed to go with everything in your wardrobe and not cause a fight with your boyf/mum/bank manager when you reveal the price. If you don’t fear the ire of the shopgirl, give her a fiver and tell her to keep the change. Run, don’t walk, to snap up this bargain.

Just what type of boots are made for walkin’ this season? Well, I’ll be Amsterdamned if I’ll be wearing clogs, that’s for sure – they’re just not flattering on me at all. Instead, I’ll be hot-stepping it this summer in Sportsgirl’s Desiree camel-toned wedges for $69.95. An instant style update in the walkable alternative to stilettos, with all the flattering height of their excruciatingly tiny-heeled counterparts. Team with the sorbet-and-candy-coloured threads of the season and lick your lips for some retail refreshments!

The winner will be announced tomorrow. Good luck to the three finalists and may the best bargain-hunter win!


  1. Oh, wow, if I got paid that much for blogging all the time I'd be rich by now!


  2. I know, right? It'd totally be livin' the dream.

    The girl who won, Alyce, looks like she'll be wonderful in the role though, so best of luck to her. : )



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