Alannah Hill Challenge: Update #4

Wow, it's been a month since I last updated you on how the Alannah Hill Challenge is going!

My mission, since I chose to accept it, is to write magazine articles, thereby growing an incredible portfolio of clips from the likes of
Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Marie Claire. When I left off, I'd added two articles for fledgling publication eBaylife to my debut Cosmo Bride article and had a tentative yes from local-but-prestigious SA Life.

SA Life didn't pan out, but my work for eBaylife has snowballed into five articles (I'm just finishing the fourth today) and extras like fillers, tips, news and gossip. Hooray! The articles are really satisfying and fun to write, so I'm well pleased with this arrangement. The first one, "Everybody Loves Lego," is out in the current issue:
I'm also thrilled to announce I've scored a commission to do a piece for Women's Health & Fitness. It's on a subject close to my heart, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it.

I'm still aiming to crack the top fashion magazines, but for now I'm pleased to be getting paying work at magazines available at news agencies.

Not too shabby at all. : )


  1. Well done Becks! Best of luck with your Women's Health and Fitness and eBayLife Magazine articles.

  2. Hi Tawna. I'm now following your weight loss blog, as I need to lose a few kilos myself right now. Your progress already is amazing! Good on ya.

    Thanks Sophie, it seems like this freelancing thing is coming together now. I just got another article accepted today, although it will take a while to be published. It's on cars, so a bit different to fashion!



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