Interview: Esme and the Laneway

Fashion blogger extraordinaire, Marianne, joins us to discuss her blog, Esme and the Laneway!

Blogger: Ex-London chick, Marianne, now calling Melbourne home.
Style: Retro, vintage, fabulous!
Posts: Photos of outfits posed at home, at glamourous city hotspots and in quirky lane-ways and leafy parks.
Popularity: Over 1,500 Google followers.
Becks' favourite post: floral skirts and fruit and veg

1. Tell us about yourself and your blog.

I have been blogging for almost three years, which seems like such a long time, but it has gone so fast! I basically blog about day to day things… and what I am wearing, what I like, and what I have been up to.

2. How and why did you start your blog?

I had been on the Flickr group, wardrobe_remix, for a couple of months, and found some great blogs through that. Up until that point, I had no idea that these great insights into other worlds existed. I wanted to join in. I spent a little while working up the courage to click publish, but I wasn't that worried, as I didn't think anyone would actually read it! Now it is such a part of my life I can't imagine not doing it.

3. How would you describe your personal style?

Well, it is forever evolving! Some things do stay with me, though. I do love a good vintage dress, and I have been wearing my socks with my sandals for almost as long as I have been blogging, and don't see that stopping any time soon. Tights plus peep-toes is a good thing!

4. What are your favourite brands and designers?

This is quite hard, as I like things regardless of their labels and so on. That said, there is a lot of Alannah Hill that is up my alley. At the moment I am interested in really simple, plain, well-made things. Designer-wise, I really enjoyed the recent Sonia Rykiel and Louis Vuitton collections, and there is one or five bags by Mulberry and Chloe that I would really like to have! Oh, and a Rik Owens leather jacket please, thank you! 

5. Where do you find fashion and blogging inspiration?

Anywhere, and not necessarily in a direct way. My daily blog reads tend to change every few months, and at the moment I am really enjoying a blog about London history, an Australian blog about amazing photographers and artists and some street style blogs. I also really like blogs that show day-to-day things, but in a beautiful way – beautiful, but without being posed, or twee… Very hard to achieve, I think!

6. What's next for Esme and the Laneway (ie upcoming features, posts, changes etc)?

I really want my blog to reflect my every day life. Not the boring mundane bits, just the good bits. Sometimes I look back over my recent posts and feel that so much is missing, and that I haven't really painted the full picture at all! I would like it to look more like, erm, me – it's harder than it sounds!

7. What are your best tips for beginner fashion bloggers?

Always post about what generally interests you. If you like it, that is all that matters. That's what I think about when I feel a bit stuck with it all. And try to make the pictures clear! And, most importantly, have fun.


Describe yourself in one word: Enthusiastic
Biggest accomplishment: Love
Music to blog by: At the moment, "Let England Shake" by PJ Harvey.
Can't stop reading: Anything I can get my hands on!
Biggest goal: Contentment, satisfaction, joy

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