Fabulous Bookstore

That's right, you can now source all your lust-have fashion and beauty books at the one destination: the Becks and the City bookstore!

The store, which has made an appearance on the right-hand sidebar, currently contains titles featured in the Fabulous Books series of reviews, including:

I've also added a selection of Becks and the City readers' favourite books, as nominated by you in last week's giveaway.

Has your recommendation made the cut? Click here to find out.


  1. I want my own bookstore too! Your picks are fabulous.

  2. I really like your bookstore addition. You have lots of good recommendations and now stored all in one cute place! ;)

  3. Congratulations on the book store!Most exciting and the sampling of titles is a perfect fit!!...

    I had the reviews on Bird by Bird ~ and am most intrigued ... sounds like a fun read with some great humour ~ good for the soul...

    I'll be checking your store often for your suggestions on fashion book titles...

    Wishing you a fabulous week..xo HHL

  4. I wanted you to know that you have won the Versatile Blogger Award because I have enjoyed reading your blog so much. You are featured here: http://melissahensler.blogspot.com

  5. Thought of you yesterday, saw a preview of a new Sarah Jessica Parker movie and she was looking fabulous .. and yes, thought of you and your fabulousness ;)

  6. Glad you like the bookstore, Optimistic Mom. : )

    There's a new SJP movie? I'll have to check that out right away. I hadn't heard!

    Thanks for the award, Melissa. I will pop by and check it out.

    Sascha, check out Amazon "aStores" if you wanna create your own bookstore or store of other Amazon products. That's how I created mine. : )

    I'm definitely keen to read Bird by Bird, HHL. It sounds like the perfect combination of useful advice and an entertaining read. That's the ideal book to me.




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