Interview: Miranda Drew

Miranda is currently an intern in The Australian Women's Weekly magazine's fashion and beauty department. She joins us to share what it's like being a magazine maven-in-the-making and to introduce her brilliant new blog, Miranda in Wonderland.

1. Tell us about yourself and why you'd like to become a journalist.

I’m 20 years old and live on the NSW Central Coast, an hour north of Sydney. I am currently studying at the University of Technology, Sydney. I’m working towards finishing with a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Journalism. I am also doing an internship at The Australian Women’s Weekly in the fashion department and by night I work in a local bar.

I have always loved writing; I find it quite therapeutic. I enjoy sharing my opinions and telling people about new things. That’s the lure of journalism -- being able to do something I love and getting paid for it. Over time, I’ve flirted with the idea of being a nutritionist, book editor, fashion designer, public relations professional, social worker, and librarian, but I always came back to journalism.

I love all those girly women’s magazines like Marie Claire, Women’s Weekly, Vogue and Cosmo. It would be great to join those ranks some day.

2. How did you become an intern? Did you apply to many different magazines?

I was quite lucky scoring my internship. I finish uni for the year in September and I’d mentioned to my mum that I was hoping to do a few days interning during the break. My mum met a man whose daughter is the Market Editor at The Weekly. After telling him about my plans to intern, he gave me his daughter’s contact details! From there, it was a matter of perfect timing.

When I got around to e-mailing her, the department was looking for a new intern and she forwarded on my details. I started a few weeks later. I was lucky because it was the only magazine I’d had a chance to apply to at that early stage. It took a few weeks for her to figure out that I was the girl her dad had told her about because it turns out I’d actually forgotten to put it in my application!

3. What was your first day like?

The first day was very nerve-racking, as first days always are. Starting in the fashion department of a popular women’s magazine, I was particularly nervous about what outfit to wear. I was expecting a little bit of a Devil Wears Prada atmosphere and was prepared to be running around all day, fetching coffees and dry cleaning. But it wasn’t like that at all!

There were five or so ladies in the department where I was working and they were all very friendly, so lovely and very welcoming. I spent the morning cataloguing shoes and bags and packaging them so they could be couriered back to the designers or PR firms. Before my lunch break I had to drop some hats back to Sydney’s The Strand Arcade and on my way back to the office I had to pick up some accessories from the Zara head office! I also had to go to Burberry and pick up this huge bag of Burberry items. It was the largest bag of designer goods I’ve ever seen and the most amount of money I’ve ever had in my hands! I found this all very exciting, I love to play with clothes and shoes and really enjoy wandering around the city. It was a little bit like a dream come true.

4. What does a typical day involve?

To sum it up in one sentence, a typical day involves playing with clothes or accessories of some sort. It can be shoes, bags, jewellery, swimwear. It can be anything from department store to high street fashion to couture. I do whatever needs doing in the fashion department, which is usually arranging the return of items back to the people who sent them to The Weekly in the first place. Occasionally, if things are too close to be couriered, I will pick them up or return them to the store or company myself.

5. Tell us about the blog you've started.

After a little bit of nudging from one of my favourite lecturers at uni, I decided to start my blog, Miranda in Wonderland.

I am very addicted to shopping; I shop at least online every single day so I always have a lot of new clothes, shoes and beauty prodz to write about. Interning in the fashion department of a magazine and playing with what’s hot all day, I sometimes feel like I’m privy to secret insider knowledge about the world of fashion. I thought that compiling my adventures as an intern and all the discoveries I make as a shopping addict might be an interesting concept. And so, Miranda in Wonderland was born.

The name itself came from Alice in Wonderland. It’s been my very favourite movie for as long as I can remember. Likewise for the book. I think it’s fitting, because I sometimes feel like I’m in over my head in the world of fashion and beauty, it’s like a Wonderland.

6. How would you describe your fashion and beauty style?

To be honest, I’ve only just recently developed my style. I am very petite, with a large chest and practically no butt so it took me a very long time to figure out what worked for me and how to apply it to outfits I like and feel comfortable in.

I’ve grown into a style that is surprisingly very cutesy, especially considering I was a tomboy as a child. Think headbands, bows and frills, camis, chiffon, wedges and blazers.

As for beauty, I love a dewy fresh, natural look with a healthy glow and long, voluminous eyelashes. For special occasions or when I’m feeling like I’m in a bit of a beauty rut, I experiment with my nail polish, eye make up and red and pink lipsticks.

7. What are your career goals for the future?

In the short term, I plan to finish my uni degree while continuing to intern. After I graduate, I’d like to work in a women’s magazine like The Australian Women’s Weekly or similar, either in editorial, fashion or beauty. I will also keep posting and working on my blog.


  1. Great questions... sounds like she is going to be the next Fashion Editor in Australia ... great energy and positive attitude...xo HHL

  2. I'm pretty sure Miranda's going to be the next Anna Wintour -- she's driven, smart, a great writer and really, really nice.

    Hope you had a great weekend, High Heeled. We went for dinner in the German precinct of town and it was the best meal I've ever had. I'm now craving pickled cabbage and mashed potatoes for every meal. : )

  3. Very interesting interview! I'm sure Miranda's going places.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, ladies! You're all making me blush lol.
    I'd love to be a (nicer) Anna Wintour some day.

  5. Haha, yes, you'd be as successful as Anna Wintour, but far less of an ice queen. In fact, not at all!

    The kind words are thoroughly deserved. : )

  6. Thank you for writing and sharing this



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