Query Letter: "Jetstar" Magazine

I realised I haven't posted any query letters on this blog for ages. Here's one for Jetstar Airways' inflight magazine that didn't fare so well...

I'm a features writer from Adelaide who's written for Cosmo Bride and Women's Health & Fitness, amongst others. Samples of my freelance writing are available on my blog, Becks and the City.

Marooned in a fast-paced, unfamiliar city, where do tech-savvy travellers turn but their iPhones and iPads? Travel apps can help them quickly and easily find the best places to eat, sleep and play, all wrapped in a neat little program.

I'd like to write an article, "iTravel," for Jetstar Magazine readers, clueing them into the most entertaining and helpful information available on these apps, including:
  • nearby restaurants and photos of customers' meals on Foodspotting
  • browsing hotel reviews and attractions on TripAdvisor
  • tracking your flight's status or bus timetable on free local apps.

Coming to 1,000 words, the article would be delivered within two weeks of hearing you are interested.

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Douglas

Any clues as to why it was rejected? Maybe it's too brief?


  1. I love posts like this. I'm a freelancer myself and I'd love to get into the UK/US market, but I'm still learning the pitching!

  2. Thanks Sascha. I'll post a few more if you find them useful. I've got plenty more failed pitches in my email archives, believe me!

    My approach to pitching is pretty much just keep going until you hit the jackpot. It seems to work... eventually...



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