My Friends' Wedding

The weekend was full of frivolity, with two of my best friends marrying each other! I was on bridesmaidly duties and Mr Big looked mighty fine in a suit as a groomsman. In the style of my quiz last year on marrying Mr Big, here's another test of your psychic wedding senses...

1  The happy couple's names are
a)  Aidan and Carrie
b)  Mr Big and Carrie
c)  Cash and Carrie
d)  Alexis and Ying
correct answer: d

2  The bride was photographed with _______ we encountered along the river
a)  a politician who enjoys being peed on
b)  red-hot firemen and their red-hot truck
c)  a Long Island iced tea
d)  a ferry
correct answer: b (yes, that was a Sex and the City reference there to episode one of season three, I'm not a complete sicko!)

3  In my reception speech, I called Ying and Alexis
a)  Slumberwoman and Captain Fairness Pants
b)  Sonny and Cher
c)  Sense and Sensibility
correct answer: a

4  The bride's two separate dresses for the ceremony and the reception were
a)  white and red
b)  black and gold
c)  puce and aubergine
correct answer: a

5  Because we're classy folks, after the reception the bridal party enjoyed
a)  a strip show from a groomsman
b)  burgers from Hungry Jack's
c)  hanging out in a hotel room
d)  wearing camel pants showing a camel toe
correct answer: all of the above

How was your weekend?


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