Query Letter: "Peppermint" Magazine

Many of you would know of my long-standing love affair with Peppermint magazine. Writing for them would be a dream come true, but unfortunately it wasn't to be this time around. I never got a response to this pitch I emailed...

I'm a freelance writer from Adelaide who's been published by magazines including Women's Health & Fitness and Cosmo Bride. Samples of my work are available on my blog, Becks and the City.

What's a girl to do when she meets injustice in the world? Unfortunately, the modern answer can often be worry about the cause, but not know how to solve the problem.

It's time to bring back the elegantly-phrased protest letter!

I'd like to use my experience working for a state minister and hobby of serial letter-writing to magazines (a major glossy once published seven of my letters in one year -- I stopped before they took out a restraining order) to bring "Make a Statemint" to Peppermint readers. Covering the different causes, where to address your letters and when to start or join a petition, the article would provide a gentle, politically-neutral guide to practicing your penmanship and literary fist-shaking all at the same time.

Coming to 1,000 words, the article would be delivered within two weeks of hearing you're interested.

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Douglas

Not sure what went wrong. : ( Please send me any advice you can muster!


  1. Well I'm obviously no expert but I really liked it - especially the title, great use of mint!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you...

  2. Haha, I never could resist a good pun! Thanks Evelyn, hopefully some of my more recent pitching efforts will meet a better fate. : )



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