Fabulous Fridays: 24 February 2012

Oh, tonight is gonna be such a blast!!! I'm following in Carrie's footsteps and judging some sexy firemen for one hot, hot calendar. : ) But first, here's what's been amusing me this week...

  • What happened to Charlotte when the Sex and the City girls ventured to Staten Island to peruse firemen's hoses. Giggle.
  • I admit I've been mighty sceptical about every man and his dog being gluten intolerant these day... until I read Sarah Wilson's explanation. Hooray, it finally makes sense!
  • Like a fish bowl, but far sexier.
  • I'm not much of a kitchen goddess, but gosh darn it I could be if I gave it a cotton candy makeover.
  • Two of the best things in life join forces in the Edible Book Festival. Yes, you heard that right. Get onto it.
  • I saw my all-time fave band, Roxette, in concert Monday and they are still phenomenal! Check it out: "Dressed for Success" then and now.
  • A lady at my temp job this week was telling me she's lost 8 kilos by following the clean and lean diet. I'm very much tempted to try it.
  • I collared Hot Fuzz and watched it this week. The blooper reel from the movie is possibly even funnier.
  • An essential life skill: how to make guacamole (extra handy because it's a dip you can make without owning a blender, which I don't!)
  • Fabulous: Diary of a Vintage Girl blog.
  • Reading this week: Mr Big and one of our friends have been reading The Zombie Survival Guide, so I caved and joined them. Pretty good so far. : )

Okay, time to visit the lovely lads who keep us all safe from burning buildings. Better be careful not to spontaneously combust. ; ) See you next week!

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