Vintage and Burlesque Magazines

As soon as I heard Burlesque Bible and Vintage Life magazine existed, I had to have them!!!

Luckily issues of both were available in a city newsagency, so I scooped them up in the one shopping trip and gleefully carted them home.

I definitely wasn't disappointed. Vintage Life is actually just bigger than A5 size and full of home, hair, beauty, old-fashioned cooking and crafty how-tos, gift ideas and vintage fashion. The features included instructions on how to make beautiful sugarpaste roses to top your cupcakes and a retro-style cocktail bar.
So cute! I am definitely in love.

I may have to subscribe.. and order back issues. : )

Burlesque Bible is also a very purdy magazine. It focusses on profiles of current burlesque starlets and pin-ups of bygone eras, beauty how-tos and what burlesque means to different people and in different countries. This is only the second issue, and it's already such a promising mag, so I'm sure it will continue to grow in popularity.

Two sexy-gloved thumbs up! I'm all fired up to see the burlesque competition finals show I've booked with Mr Big this weekend... and have many outfit ideas. : )

Which magazines should I try reading next time?

Have you made any new discoveries?

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