I began blogging in 2009 while working 9-5 for Consumer Affairs. Basically, I spent my days talking about shopping (good...) with angry people (not so good...). My real dream, however, was and is to write. For magazines. For Vogue.

I started this blog as a way to keep track of my progress and help other aspiring Carrie Bradshaws out there become freelance writers. Surely I can't be the only one?

Since then, I've written for Cosmo Bride, Women's Health & Fitness, eBayLife and other glossies. I've also been featured in Money magazine and on TV's Today Tonight and The Morning Show as an expert in winning competitions (yes, I'm one of those!).

Along the way, I've set myself some challenges. In the Tiffany Challenge, I rewarded myself with gorgeous silver earrings for achieving my first writing goal. More recently, I've taken on the Alannah Hill Challenge to create a proper magazine writing portfolio and the Marc Jacobs Challenge to get my non-fiction book proposal accepted for publication.

In future, I hope to continue establishing myself as a well-respected magazine features writer and, of course, one day write for Vogue!

What about the girl behind the scenes?

I live in Australia with my Mr Big and our two cats, Jemma and Minnie. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on 21 August 2011 with a romantic trip to Sydney and had a magnificent time.

Although I'm only a small, wobbly step away from having two left feet, I adore dancing in all its forms. I trained in ballet as a youngster and now try my hand (foot?) at various styles. Dancing is the only thing that distracts me from the fact I'm exercising, which I generally don't enjoy much! I like the sparkly costumes as well. I'm a tragic for a sequin or two.

My other weird and wonderful hobbies include LEGO, Scrabble, adventure games and planning outfit + nail polish combos. I'll pretty much pick up any magazine and start reading, but current faves are Shop Til You Drop, Madison and Peppermint.

Wanna know more? Contact me, or say hello on Facebook or Twitter. You can also sneak a peek at my Amazon wishlist.


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