"Cosmo Bride" Blogger Application # 1

My application to be a "bride blogger" for Cosmo Bride magazine.

Name: Beck Doyle

Age: 30
State: SA

About Me: Magazine addict, mediator for Consumer Affairs, wannabe writer and Bridezilla-in-training.

Sample Blog: Wedding Dress Time Warp

"A wedding gown with no lace, beading or embroidery, please". Blank look from stuffy salesmadam. "We don’t have those. You want a plain dress?"

Nooooooooooooooo... I want a modern dress. An enormous taffeta bow, dramatic ruffles, one-shouldered fabulousness. Something very Oscar de la Renta or Vera Wang on a Big W budget. Too much to ask?

Apparently. Shunning traditional trimmings, I’d been lumped with the Goths and medieval types. A plain bride or a freak.

So if embroidery, garters and witchy-poo pointy bridal booties offend your fashionista sensibilities, how do you find a modern wedding dress?

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