Tiffany & Co Challenge: Update #4

With my magazine article slated to hit newsagency shelves in August (touch wood), I've now been paid for my first official job as a writer... and it's Tiffany time!

My Tiffany jewellery has been ordered and should reach me soon. I ended up choosing a classic design I can wear on my wedding day. So excited -- pictures coming soon.

What's next? I've been emailing back and forth with my writing "workout buddy". She did the same online course from Sydney Writers' Centre earlier this year and we've stayed in touch to keep each other motivated. I sent a query letter to a fitness magazine recently, but unfortunately no cigar. My next pitch will be to a bridal magazine. I have two ideas for them, so I'm keen to have at least one accepted.

And then there's a TV appearance this week...


    1. Hi Becks I wish you a lot of lucks with the magazines, I am sure you will be accepted by one of them.

      Thoughts of a Career Woman



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