Magazine Guide #11: Women's Health & Fitness

Publication: Women's Health & Fitness
How Often Does It Come Out: Monthly
Distribution: National
Contributors vs Staff Writers:
Prospects seem hopeful as a freelancer.
Target Audience:
AgeI'd say 20-45
Gender: Female
Interests: Health, sport, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, beauty, relationships and wellbeing.
Topics and Themes:
Features include "Beginners' Guide to Triathlon," "Relationship Renewal" in the Whitsundays, "Predicting the Future" about pinpointing the onset of menopause and "10 Reasons Why Pets Are Good For Your Health". Other topics include freckles, eye health, hiking, Kelly Osborne's fitness transformation, consuming less meat and comparing health benefits of various cooking oils.
Length of Features:
Typically 1,000-1,500 words and maybe 2,000 words occasionally.
Tone and Style of Writing:
Friendly, straightforward and authoritative. Breakout boxes with handy hints, top tens and sample daily menus are popular, as are subheadings. Ads are for vitamin and protein supplements, skin care products, diet foods, sneakers, and sports events and programs. Articles quote professional athletes, dietitians, authors, and numerous scientific surveys and studies.
About How Many Features:
Around 15.


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