Magazine Guide #12: Harper's Bazaar

Publication: Harper's Bazaar
How Often Does It Come Out: 10 issues per year
Distribution: National
Contributors vs Staff Writers:
Around half-and-half. Gather a few clips from other fashion mags first, then pitch away!
Target Audience:
Age: 25-45
Gender: Predominantly female
Interests: Fashion and beauty, with some lifestyle, travel, health and culture thrown in.
Topics and Themes:
Intriguingly, Harper's Bazaar has just begun a media partnership with The Australian Ballet, so there is a ballet theme in this issue, including an interview with Black Swan star, Natalie Portman. The luxury feel of this magazine is ever-present, from the Giorgio Armani interview aboard his yacht to Jessica Alba discussing her high-end fashion tastes, to the short piece on Cartier jewels. There is also a piece on the emotions behind eating, "Fed Up," and my favourite, "Shop Girl," about the beauty director's day job-shadowing at a Myer beauty counter. 
Length of Features:
Ranging from 400-2,500 words.
Tone and Style of Writing:
Intelligent, name-dropping and bursting with fashion-insider knowledge. Subheadings are notably absent. Breakout boxes appear occasionally and there is one list -- a style forecast for 2011. Experts are quoted where appropriate, but are more likely to be designers and authors than scientists.
About How Many Features:
I counted 16.


  1. I think I'll pick up one and check it out.

    Lisa xx

  2. I'd never read much of it before, Lisa, but thought it was a pretty good read. Good for an afternoon relaxing in a hammock. ; )



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