"eBaylife" Query

In January 2011, I wrote this email to eBaylife magazine and received a response after only five days. The "Everybody Loves Lego" feature was published two months later and has led to much more work from eBaylife, including four more articles (though not the second story idea pitched below), penning other parts of the magazine, and also involvement in their new publishing project. An excellent result all from one email!

Here's what my original email said...

I'm a writer from Adelaide who's been published by Cosmo Bride and Onya Magazine and been interviewed as an expert on Internet shopping and consumer promotions by Today Tonight, Money magazine and The Morning Show. I'm also a mediator for Consumer Affairs, advising customers and businesses on refunds, warranties and scams and resolving disputes. Samples of my freelance writing are available on my blog, Becks and the City.

I'd like to suggest two article ideas that I'm eager to write for eBaylife.

1. Everybody Loves Lego

As I sit to write this, there are 112,843 Lego listings worldwide on eBay.com and 7,546 in Australia. Everyone, it seems, is trading these fun construction sets on eBay and it's not just kids who are fans. I've certainly picked up some eBay bargains to add to the miniature city on the huge display table in our house. My article, "Everybody Loves Lego," would include advice on how to find bargains and ensure pieces aren't missing, examine retro sets vs the new themes (Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Toy Story etc), and give comparisons between RRP and eBay prices in "What We Found" breakout boxes.

2. Designer Fashion Finds

Leaving aside my nerdier (Lego) leanings, I'm also a self-confessed shoe and fashion addict. Not a week goes by when I'm not lurking on eBay checking out Marc Jacobs ballerina flats or Alannah Hill cardies and hair accessories. I'd like to write an article, "Designer Fashion Finds," helping eBaylife readers sort the fabulous from the fakes, find savings using tricks such as searching for misspelt listings and discover the hottest fashions currently available on Ebay.

Spanning 1,000 words, one (or both if you're keen!) of the above articles would be delivered within two weeks of hearing you are interested.

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Douglas

Mobile: xxxx xxx xxx
Email: beckemail@gmail.com

Did you spot the typo?


  1. Well done, congrats on your success. Thank you for being a follower of Katherines Gifts. I recently merged the blog and the website into GiftsByKatherine.com. I extend my hand and invitation for you to join me there. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Hugs from Katherine

  2. Hi Katherine.

    Thanks for letting me know about your bloggy relocation. I have joined up with your new site as a blog-warming gift!

    Hope you do well at your new site. : )

    ~ Becks

  3. NOOO, where is the typo!?! I scoured it...but then again i have typos galore in my posts, so what good would I do. Please tell!
    (and thanks for stopping back by my blog and reminding me of yours, that NKOTB cruise sounded awesome, haha) Looking forward to seeing more! Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh, so cute blog! I love your sweet post... I follow you! Kisses

  5. Imagine, that the one idea to email ebay has ended in success. Congratulations,great job!

  6. Thanks guys!

    To solve the typo mystery for you TexaGermaNadian... It's in the first paragraph under "2. Designer Fashion Finds". The last word in the paragraph is "Ebay". It should be spelt "eBay," which is what I've typed elsewhere in the email. It's not a huge deal and didn't prevent the magazine from taking a chance on me, but I guess it could have if they'd been very finicky. : )




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