Fabulous Fridays: 18 March 2011

Did the past seven days live up to last week's hype?

Well, there was another cancelled dance lesson (grrr, is the universe trying to make me fat?), but on the bright side I've won a behind-the-scenes tour of a fashion show tomorrow! Now we're talkin'. Before we get to that, here's this week's most daring, delightful links...
  • A fashion design drawing blog with fluoro pastel artwork. Gorgeous.
  • Death star canteen. "Do you know who I am?". "Do you know who *I* am?". "This is not a game of Who the F*ck Are You?" Classic.
  • Can I get married again so we can have these at the wedding?
  • Back in the 80s, this dude performed songs like "Toffee Apple" and "Wash Your Face in Orange Juice" at my school in country Australia. He was huge in kids' entertainment and has now made a comeback doing shows for people my age. Ah, the memories...
  • Adventures in Menstruating blog. Weird with a beard.
  • Just when I needed it, I was sent a link to the Gender Genie. Simply paste in your text, submit and it'll tell you whether a man or woman wrote it. It certainly pegged me as female. Genie-us.
  • David Tennant is unquestionably the hottest Dr Who. Even dressed in drag.
  • I've stumbled across my next great wedding blog love, Intimate Weddings. Come for the fairy bread pic, stay for the real weddings and DIY projects.
  • Simply bleeping The Count makes his little ditty very, very dirty. WHAT does he do to the spiders on the wall?!! An oldie, but a goodie.
  • It's camp. It's lame. Yeah, yeah. Try not to get shivers watching this, though (PS this may be the shortest song name he's ever released!). I even bought his album this week.

I know, so much video viewing. That'll keep you going for a while. Have a smashing weekend!


  1. Those oragami bouquets look awesome!!! Thanks for sharing that link and the one for the Intimate Weddings blog!!

  2. No worries, Nicole. I was definitely considering a paper bouquet for our wedding. They look so gorgeous, are inexpensive and don't go all manky and die like flowers!



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