Fabulous Fridays: 11 March 2011

This week I attended Nerdopolooza, a head shaving for the Leukaemia Foundation and a cancelled zumba class. Never a dull moment. Check out this week's links to keep dullness at bay in your neck of the woods...

  • I was excited to see Lance Henriksen on stage at a comic convention this week. He spoke about this scene from Aliens where he played the android, Bishop, doing the knife trick, and how he accidentally nicked the other actor's pinky. A very nice and humble man.
  • Deeply jealous of the ladies who put this book out. It's a dynamite idea, the book is fantabulous and it's snowballed into a series of titles, DVD etc. Wouldn't be surprised if they launch a video game next!
  • An extra feather in our caps -- study finds niceness is partly hereditary and chicks are kindest.
  • While I'm coming over all scientific, sign me up for the blue plate diet!
  • Wander over to Becks and the City on Facebook and see which of our pussycats enjoys Sex and the City! While you're at it, become a fan to get more behind-the-scenes glimpses. : )
  • Go-go dancing in swinging 60s style. I learnt similar moves this week in burlesque class. Lots of doing the twist and swimming motions with the arms to surf songs. All I need is a podium to boogie on and away I'd go.
  • Boy. Gift. WAREHOUSE. It's a simple equation. Choose random present from this store = become favourite sister/girlfriend/aunt/other female relative.
  • You might have noticed I've become a bona fide Independent Fashion Blogger. Marvel at my spiffy badge, also found on my sidebar. Thanks for welcoming me into the fold, fashion folks!
  • I know, I'm like a dog with a bone about this Charlie Sheen situation and the supreme shite that is his TV show. Just one more, I promise. Winning.
  • One of my fave Glee episodes. If you're not already a fan of the show, prepare to be converted by... the divine grilled Cheesus.
  • This T-shirt. Thumbs up. Where cute and disturbing meet for a sippy cup of WTF.

Maybe next week can top this week. I dare it!

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