Fabulous Fridays: 25 March 2011

Wishing you high energy levels and low, flattering skirt lengths this week, not to mention a few fabulous links... 

  • I'm a card-carrying member of Team Aidan, but if ever a romantic scene would convince me Carrie belonged with Big, it would be this one. PS her pretzel necklace is cute.
  • Did you flip through the gorgeously illustrated children's book, Animalia, as a kid? If not, do it now and browse Graeme Base's other efforts too.
  • For the Harry Potter fans out there, it's finally arrived. Yes, you can now play real-life quidditch.
  • Turkish delight ice cream. Hells yeah.
  • Okay, I've ignored this whole media firestorm for a while, but now I'm wading in -- schoolboy Casey body slams a bully who's trying to pick a fight. He's been hailed as a hero, but was his response disproportionate? If you'd tried reasoning with the kid, telling a school counsellor etc and none of that had worked, perhaps fighting back is your best option.
  • The Candyland blog shows an admirable dedication to all things pink. Respect.
  • Adam's guilty Friday favourite -- reading what agony aunt, Bossy, dishes out to saddos in need of tough love. Compelling.
  • I think my eyes just orgasmed after encountering the Cupcakes and Corsets blog. This one goes straight to my fave blog lists.

Latest loves...

Reading: Magazines, what else? Yen and Harper's Bazaar currently.
Listening: "Children" by Robert Miles, Rihanna's "S and M" and various CDs scrounged from the music store (Michael Jackson, Burlesque, Lady Gaga, The Pussycat Dolls and Katy Perry among them).
Tasting: Decaf iced coffee (= win), duck and cherry pie (= yummy) and Adam's chilli (= hole in the seat of my trousers).
Loving: The backstage glimpse of a fashion parade with makeover and personal styling session I won, the recent cold snap -- snuggling and hot chocolate weather again, the red Mad Men-style jumper and cute snow-bunny jumper I scored from Myer.
Awaiting: Our anniversary trip to Sydney, the verdict of my Witchery interview and trial, my delivery of sweet-smelling bath bombs and shampoos, tonight's 80s board game get-together, tomorrow night's masquerade party!

Toodle-oo til next time!


  1. I'm team Aiden too! Although I find mr. Big quite charming.

  2. lol thank you so much for your mention about my blog i love what you wrote!

  3. Now worries, Fancy Lady. : )

    I'm the same, Sascha. I do like Mr Big to a point, but when he ditches Carrie at the altar in the first movie, I think she never should have taken him back after that. No forgiveness!!



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