Alannah Hill Challenge: Update #6

The Mission: To amass an impressive magazine writing portfolio and win the Alannah Hill Challenge.
The Reward: Buying myself a pretty cardie from the Alannah Hill collection.
Last Known Status: Living the pauper lifestyle, despiting landing a decent swag of writing assignments.

So what's the current status of my challenge?

Thankfully, I'm much more cashed up, due to applying to temping agencies and scoring two office jobs from them. The first was at a law firm dealing in patents and trademarks for two weeks and the other a two-day stint at a wine industry organisation. I'm eager to keep temping to top up my writing income, as long as I can find the right balance and it doesn't interfere with writing time. I'm also expecting to be paid for several articles in the next two months, so hooray for the money rolling in!

My Women's Health & Fitness article, "Being Left-handed," was published two weeks ago. I returned from buying the magazine on my lunch break and couldn't resist showing my supervisor at the law firm, who photocopied the article and pinned it to the noticeboard. It was like a proud mum sticking a kid's drawing on the fridge! Very cute.

I'm now back on the bandwagon of pitching article ideas to magazines, but there have been no new breakthroughs to report, sadly. In the meantime, I've tidied my current portfolio and linked the entries to my scanned-in articles. Check out the spiffy results here and click on one of the magazine covers to read my articles, if you'd like. : )

It's beginning to take shape...

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