"Marie Claire" Magazine Does Burlesque!

My burlesque teacher is in Marie Claire magazine!

I was just a tad excited by this. Flip to page 24 of the June 2011 issue, and you'll find the photo feature, "Exotic Birds: The Burlesque Queens of the Suburbs". It's all about the Clark Kent-like double lives of burlesque stars -- yummy mummies, office workers and nerdy science students by day, and all sparkly and glammed up by night.

It's an intriguing, colourful feature and best of all, the very last pic is of my Monday night dance teacher, the gorgeous Luna Eclipse. Go Luna!

I've migrated back to Marie Claire after a few years' hiatus and am glad to report, it's even better than I remembered, so the rest of the magazine is well worth a look too. Get into it...

And no, you won't be seeing me in nipple pasties any time soon (collective sigh of relief!).

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