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All craft and beauty bloggers take note -- this is the way to run your online business and blog!

Firstly, I'd like to say that the girl behind the blog, Canadian soap maker, Jamie, is truly a class act. I first encountered Batty's Bath around the blogosphere (on a blog hop, I think?) and became a fan of the Facebook page. Suddenly, I noticed posts about the yummiest beauty products appearing on my feed and eventually, I couldn't take it any more and succumbed to temptation by putting in an order.

I've always preferred my beauty products to contain natural ingredients and smells. Anything fruity, or chocolatey/creamy appeals to me much more than a synthetic "fragrance no. 486". I guess my love of food carries over to my makeup bag and bathroom sink preferences! I also try to buy products that are not tested on animals and are kind to the environment.

Batty's Bath products fit the bill on both counts. Jamie's range includes a line of vegan products and all are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Aside from that, they sound so darn delicious. I ordered strawberry shampoo, a marshmallow bath bomb and deodorants in buttercream icing and cotton candy. Much better than the usual environmentally-friendly deodorant scents of tea tree oil and eucalyptus on Aussie shelves!

I was thrilled with my order and eager for my precious products to arrive. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up and I was sent the wrong products, then my order was re-sent and didn't arrive. These things happen. Jamie was fantastic throughout the whole situation, quickly responding to my emails and refunding my money. Even when my order was eventually delivered after the refund, Jamie was happy for me to keep the money for my trouble. I know from my work at Consumer Affairs that retailers who excel at customer service like this are worth their weight in gold. I'd happily buy Batty's Bath again knowing Jamie will always look after me no matter what.

And the products? Well, let's just say my armpits are now cupcake-scented, I have Strawberry Shortcake's hair and my lips taste like blueberries thanks to a lip balm freebie. I've satisfied my dessert cravings using beauty products instead of food. The perfect diet plan! Now, on to the web site...

Batty's Bath definitely has a great online presence. It has a gorgeous web site and blog, vibrant Facebook page with 2,837 fans and an impressive 6,446 followers on Twitter (@battysbath). Plus, there's the well-stocked Etsy store.

The blog has a stunning banner which echoes the retro look of the products' labels and packaging. It makes you feel ladylike and luxe just looking at it. Jamie also gives you plenty of personal insight into herself and how she runs her business in her posts, taking you to her stalls at craft shows, showing you the makeover of her workspace, sharing beauty and health tutorials, her inspiration boards, and much more. There's a healthy mixture of photo posts, recipes, videos and lists of "What's New @ Batty's Bath" to keep you updated on sales and new features on the site (I'm thinking I may have to nick this idea for Becks and the City -- it's brilliant!).

There's also ample insight into how she makes her soaps and other items, along with her beauty philosophy. Whether you're an avid fan of Batty's Bath products, seeking natural beauty how-tos, sourcing inspiration or looking for advice on selling your wares on Etsy, the blog is sure to have what you're after. An uncluttered, but substantial sidebar completes the blog's focus on being helpful to visitors (think free downloads, a blog archive, a list of popular posts, profile of Jamie and links to Etsy and Facebook). It's everything you need without unwanted extras. Love it!

My Favourite Posts

Try these beauty-riffic posts to get you started:
  1. My Week So Far: It's a Batty Life (A candid behind-the-scenes post.)
  2. Friday Favs (Pretty pictures.) 
  3. Getting Ready for Spring: Craft Ideas (Chic craft inspiration.)
  4. Homemade Herbal Tea: Apple & Cinnamon (Easy, healthy and sounds divine!)
  5. Ador-A-Bull Dog Rescue (Admirably supporting such a worthy cause.)
Shockingly, Batty's Bath only has 213 Google followers right now. Pop on over and show Jamie some love!

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