Fabulous Fridays: 30 December 2011

In the New Year, let's hope for many happy returns of Fabulous Friday. And the countdown begins...

  • I'm a big fan of Bailey's -- it's like dessert in a bottle, so why not try your hand at the homemade version?
  • My latest songstress crush, continuing my obsession with Brit musicians: Duffy.
  • Have a few issues of Cleo and Cosmo occupying valuable real estate on your coffee table? Make bows for your giftwrapping.
  • Everyone needs Patricia Field silver jeans. At least, I do. : )
  • Oh my goodness, I think I've found my 2012 diary, and it's made from a recycled Little Golden Book! Also.
  • The incredibly talented lady behind the pic above? Megan Hess, illustrator for none other than Candace Bushnell!
  • Anyone else gagging to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie? PS: bitch please, what sort of name is Noomi?
  • Inhabiting my DVD player this week: New York City Ballet Workout. It's even endorsed by SJP. Win.
  • Tuxedo leggings. Bring a modicum of class to your comfiness... or a lot.
  • Because no one is friends with those mongrel little cubes of '80s torture. Actually, I solved it in my teens, no clue how it happened!

Hello Lover!

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. Happy new year! Thanks for the comment and have a fabulous night!

  2. You too, Sascha!

    No worries, the holidays have finally afforded me some time to visit other blogs and say hello. : )

    Hope you have a fantastic 2012!




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