Query Letter: "Madison" Magazine

Here's another pitch email that disappeared into the ether along with my dignity and those lost socks from the dryer. I never heard back from Madison about my fantastic feng shui idea...

I'm a freelance writer and mediator for Consumer Affairs who's been published by magazines including Women's Health & Fitness and Cosmo Bride. Samples of my work are available on my blog, Becks and the City.

Feng shui, the Chinese system of aesthetics combining the laws of heaven and earth, shows no signs of waning in popularity. Mystical though it may be, feng shui can teach us a lot about making our lives orderly so every facet functions smoothly. Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts all reportedly use its principles to improve their lives and I'd like to write "Feng Shui Your Life" to help Madison readers do the same.

With advice from experts in the field and modern life coaches, the piece would contain sections focussing on transforming your happiness, house, health, wealth and general prosperity. A breakout box could highlight celebrity adherents to feng shui and give examples of how they've used it in ways readers can emulate at home.

Coming to 1,800 words, the article would be delivered within two weeks of hearing you're interested.
Yours sincerely,
Rebecca Douglas
I must not have sent my pitch on an auspicious occasion. Or was it something I said?


  1. Its so difficult to get ignored when you pitch an idea, i definitely feel your pain here

    I dont think you did anything wrong, its just that sometimes its difficult to gain trust from editors etc.. they all have a list of preferred people they like to work with

  2. Thanks Charlotte,

    Every now and then it's nice to hear that. It can be very frustrating to send out lots of pitches and not hear back a lot of the time. : /

    Well, 2012's a new year, so I'll get pitching with renewed vigour and something's bound to turn up!

    Hope you're getting a positive start to the year. : )




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