Goodbye 2011

Beck's year 2011...

  1. Enjoyed being part of a live TV audience for a football show, along with Mr Big and friends.
  2. Revelled in the glorious tackiness that is the Eurovision Song Contest.
  3. Completed my first paid copywriting assignment for a recruitment agency's blog.
  4. Placed 3rd in an amateur pole dancing competition by performing a routine to Jason Derulo's "In My Head".
  5. Was a bridesmaid for my very close friends, Alexis and Ying, in a lovely October ceremony.
  6. Experienced my first spray tan, massage and facial and shortest haircut (a bob) in ten years.
  7. Won the Alannah Hill Challenge by compiling a nice little magazine writing portfolio and bought myself a pretty cardigan as a reward.
  8. Became hooked on the fist-pumping, hard-drinking action in Jersey Shore.
  9. Celebrated a delightful first anniversary in Sydney with Mr Big, exploring Taronga Zoo, discovering the amazing Kinokuniya bookstore and eating at Pie Face and Wagamama.
  10. Became hooked on zines and started creating Magazine Love.
  11. Dressed as a Strawberry Shortcake character, in a masquerade mask and as a pirate for friends' birthdays.
  12. Survived the fifty-billion musical numbers we watched in a stage production of Miss Saigon.
  13. Worked as a guerrilla secretary in a private boys' college, tree-lopping company, hospital, car dealership, solar panel provider, law firm and old folks' home, amongst others. Almost worked for Witchery.
  14. Witnessed my football team's worst thrashing in the club's history live in Melbourne.
  15. Hosted the first Becks and the City giveaway.
  16. Let my inner nerd out to play at my first comic convention and saw Lance Henriksen (the android, Bishop, in Aliens) speak live.
  17. Wrote for Women's Health & Fitness and eBayLife magazines, and scored a gig as assistant editor for The Essential Guide to Twitter.
  18. Won a VIP backstage pass to a fashion parade and enjoyed a personal styling session, makeup application by The Body Shop, meeting hot cricket stars and getting a behind-the-scenes view of the modelling world with my mother-in-law and two friends.
  19. Nearly collapsed learning to dance the can-can.
  20. Enjoyed a full 12 months off from my regular 9-5 occupation to write, write, write.
Thanks 2011, you've been amazeballs and awesomesauce!

Wanna see my 2010 list? Here it is.

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