The Firemen Calendar

Who says the life of a writer isn't glamorous? Recently I hinted (okay, outright said) I was going to a night of judging some blazingly-hot firemen for a calendar competition. Best. Night. EVER!

But you want to know the juicy details, right? Here's a quick quiz with all the answers.

1  I attended this illustrious event with:
a)  my gay friends, Stanford Blatch and Anthony Marantino
b)  my girlfriends, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda
c)  my girlfriends, Ying, Yung and Karen
correct answer: c

2  During the night I drank:
a)  five champagnes
b)  a lemonade (no vodka)
c)  a Rhode Island iced tea
correct answer: b

3  On the catwalk, the hunky firemen stripped down to:
a)  boxers or jocks
b)  their birthday suits
c)  only a sock covering their modesty
correct answer: a

4  The firemen showed off their talents, including:
a)  knitting, crochet and needlepoint
b)  gymnastics, singing and sock puppet ventriloquism
c)  walking and breathing at the same time
correct answer: b

5  I was lucky enough to win:
a)  the Sexiest Audience Member award
b)  a tour of the fire station from a fireman named Ricky
c)  the raffle, with a prize of getting to rub oil on the final 12 firemen's muscles during their calendar photo shoot
correct answer: c!!!

Best of all, the night was a fundraiser for charity. Have you ever been to a firemen calendar event? Or met any real-life fire heroes?


  1. wow the prize you won sounds fun :-)

  2. Neat, huh? I only entered at the last minute as well. It was quite funny.

    Since the winner gets to bring a friend, I'm going with my single friend to the photo shoot and she's going to oil up the firemen. I'll just watch -- I think Mr Big may be happier that way!!!

    Have a great week. : )




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