Cath Kidston Magazine and Crafting

Who doesn't love a free magazine?

I found out from the gorgeous Victoria's Vintage blog that you can order Cath Kidston magazine for free online and just had to do it. Apparently there's a new edition every few months. Can't wait to receive my copy!

If you're not familiar with British designer Cath Kidston's look, picture floral crafty goodness in pinks, blues and reds. It's perfect if you're going for a bright vintage feel.

I've also been spending my time cutting out pretty magazine pics to use in gift wrapping. Here's one I decorated with a pic from Ray magazine. You may recognise the image I cut out and used below from my blog post here.

I wonder how many lovely free magazines are out there waiting to be discovered. I'm thinking I should go on a treasure hunt!


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  2. I need a bit of encouragement after having a very unpleasant weekend. : /

    Thanks for your positive words.

    ~ Becks



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