Fabulous Fridays: 6 April 2012

Hello Easter bunnies! Here's what will have your tails a-twitching this week...

  • Best. Thing. Ever. Dress up a Sarah Jessica Parker paper doll! See how I styled her here. : )
  • Saw Man v Food for the first time this week. Check out that massive pizza!
  • While Jersey Shore is on hiatus, we've been getting into the UK version, Geordie Shore. Damned if we can work out what they're saying half the time, though!
  • I must admit I've never tried salt water taffy, but this recipe on the Vanilla & Lace blog is definitely tempting me.
  • A bit freaky: nature's night lights.
  • Samantha Brick caused major controversy by claiming women hate her because she's beautiful. I think there's some truth in what she says.
  • Like girly reads of the Candace Bushnell and Sophie Kinsella persuasion? Novelicious will become your second home.
  • Roller derby: girls kicking ass and chewing gum... and they're all out of gum. I wish I could skate. : )
  • And on a related note... whip it!
  • My dance performances could do with some baton twirling action, except I'd probably lose control and accidentally smack an audience member in the face!

Have a fantastically fluffy-tailed Friday! xx


  1. I don't find Samantha THAT beautiful. But I get her point. Women do tend to be hateful towards a girl who exudes confidence and enjoys life. Happy Easter and have a good weekend!

  2. I'm the same, Sascha. I don't think she's drop-dead gorgeous, but she's pretty and she definitely takes care of herself.

    And I agree with her that women like to tear each other down to make themselves feel better and I think the huge backlash against her proves it.

    Have a relaxing, fun-filled weekend. I'm going to try to get a whole heap of writing and blogging done. : )




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