Music Words for Writers

If you're aiming to write for the likes of Rolling Stone and other music magazines, these words are sure to hit the right note.

Chord, instrumental, beat, guitars, drums, percussion, synthesizer, arpeggio, set list, performance, album, jazz. blues, bass, volume, loud, soft, silence, note, tone, rhythm, session, music festival, mosh pit, general admission, concert, compilation, soundtrack, solo, ensemble, choir, groupie, roadie, encore, standing ovation, backstage pass, cymbal, melody, harmony, a cappella, listen, hear, dancers, rockstar, accompaniment, duet, gig, playlist, mixtape, genre, tracks, artist, group, radio, lyrics, release date, MP3, vocals, musician, frontman, EP, punk, hardcore, pub, nightclub, folk, collaboration, ode, voice, listener, sonic, gruff, indie, vibe, booms, bass, rap, reggae, tunes, hypnotic, style, operatic, whisper, eerie, intimate, local, production, floaty, noise, anthem, R&B, avant-garde, keyboard, piano, squeal, sexy, record label, songwriting, raw, energy, debut, Grammys, earnest, honed, pop, Motown, tour, microphone, groundbreaking, explicit, iTunes, single, Aria, underground, number one, chart topper, fans, live show, impromptu, press, media, interview, comeback, crescendo, drone, power, resonance, vulnerability, crowd, audience, CD, cassette tape, vinyl, record, quiet, pause, play, review, trio, diva, mainstream, disco, electro, classical, videoclip, dance, demo, accent, protest song, easy listening, compelling, era, grunge, hip-hop, stardom, teen idol, syncopated, image, upbeat, melancholy, cover, laments, slick, over-produced, platinum, critics, ballad, hits, falsetto, glam rock, influences, commercial, boppy, acclaimed, successful, strained, refrain, conductor, composer, round, theory, aural, symphonic, riff, blend, contemporary.

Have I missed any?

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